Yyc Bna Lyrics – Paul Brandt

[?] farther
Than just some other place
[?] and old hickory
And down the Natchez Trace
Calgary’s northern lights to fireflies
Mason-Dixon from the Great Divide

Boy you ain’t from round here
Tell me where do you call home
You might not like to get back
Makes a body feel alone
Started leaving when I got there
And part of me is still wondering why

Steel belts on the asphalt
Taking me to play to some place tonight

Cow town down to music city
Those Broadway lights sure sparkle pretty
Tootsies cross the Captain Ron stage

[?] by the numbers in everything it seems
[?] in Nashville were always good to me
Make the rounds on Music Row
The more things change the more they stay the same
Get to church on Sunday
Bless your heart, we’ll see you there

[?] and honeysuckle fill the morning there
Go on down to the river but the mighty Cumberland
Can’t hear you pray
Kananaskis calling, made me feel closer to God anyway

Blue Ridge from the Rocky mountains
I left for Tennessee doubting
I’d ever be Alberta bound again

Can’t say which one is home
Oh where the feeling has gone
So I’ll head up to visit
Some old map dot town, oh-oh, oh

Wild roses to Magnolias
Pleased to meet ya good to know ya
Once you take that trip you ain’t coming back the same