We’re All To Blame Lyrics – Ylvis

We demand some answers, who is responsible.

Someone needs to go.

It was all my fault, I’m the one to blame. It was my idea,
And now I’m filled with shame.
As you all well know, I lost control, so I’m the one to blame.

Ahem. When you say it’s all your fault,
That’s not correct. After all, I was the architect.

Eh, well, I was the major, and I voted, yes, so we share the blame.

So it was the three of you. Yes, and Kjersti too.
Oh yes definetly me, I screwed up royally.

So that’s a total of four.
Uhh, I’m afraid it’s two more. The project leader, and me.

Yes it was all my fault, and mine,
And mine, and me, me to, and me, and him, and you.

Who is responsible, I need a single name.

We can’t, we’re all to blame.

We were the ones who decided to anchor the tower in styrofoam.

We were the engineers who made sure the process were very slow.

I was the right coordinator who totally lost control.

And we the people of Hamar didn’t support you guys at all.

But are you sorry. Yes we are.

Apologize. Of course we do.

Will you fire anyone.

If I could, I would, but who?

We’re all just tiny pieces in this catastrophic stew.

We’re all to blame, we’re all to blame.

Yes we are all to blame, and you can fire us all,
There wouldn’t be a single person left in city hall.

People of Hamar,
Do you want to spend a couple of millions,
Maybe more, who knows to finish the tower?


We’ll get a giant diving board,
Who cares what Hamar can afford,
We’ll get the most expensive tower on the planet.

It will be oversized, and analyzed, and overpriced,
But customized for Hamar (in the tower) (diving board)
Will be magical, fantastical, affordable for Hamar town.