Byberg’s Lament Lyrics – Ylvis

My dream, was just a simple diving board
Something that Hamar could afford to build
My dream was killed. Now I’m lost
Oh God kill me now, just set me free
For I no longer wish to be, I am to tired now to fight
Geir Bybergs life will end tonight


God, is that you?

You have forgotten who you are?

What do you mean?

You are the deputy mayor of Hamar
The second most important man in
City council. Finish the diving tower

But how? The people hate me and we have no more money

You live in Norway. There’s always more money
Just hold a press conference, take the blame, and you will be fine

But what will I tell them?

Press conference Byberg

Press conference

God don’t leave me. Don’t leave me God

Press conference

No, God

I will do as you say
Press conference on its way
There will be biscuits there, and awkward atmosphere
I will take all the blame
I’ll bow my head in shame
Hamar prepare for my confession