Bring It Back (remix) Lyrics – Tyler, The Creator

Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, yeah
Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, yeah
Don’t wanna have to chase you down ’bout them stack
‘Cause I will blow ya back, bring it back, this ho here throw it back

[Tyler, The Creator:]
Ayo, Converse selling out they got their thumbs tied
Re-up on my deal let’s make it 1-5
And I ain’t talking point that gorilla if I point
He gon’ get you that’s the point no lie
Hit the gas and we outta there (skrt)
Like it’s mountain wear
Lately, I’ve been dolo in this bitch
Shout out Solo that’s big sis
Shout out Frankie that’s big bro
Ya lil’ homie running shit no question
Casio the mothafuckin’ watch
800 in a day, my boy that’s just one drop
Invest in stocks that’s the other plan
Two-story bed I hit the running man
Baby boy no photo
Long sleeve my polo
Casio no Rolo’
Parmesan my bolo
VVS my necky, necky heavy flooded
We done broke them levees anything for Fetti
But don’t let it get to you
These niggas tripping they shoe in the gutter
They gonna ruin their future with shit that they doing like
Flexin’ on the ‘Gram about a bank deposit (hmm)
Yeah that shit addicting, shit is hypnotizing (hmm)
Claiming that you rich like bitch we know you lying (yuh)
What yo backyard look like? What yo mama driving?
Mane, call me flame
I’m lighting niggas, I’m an animal, fuck is tame?
Young wild nigga its the WANG (it’s them GOLF boys)
G boy, geez boy, he that boy, boy, you a decoy (yuh)
Fuck boy, heard you want beef, bitch you eat soy
Us and them, we ain’t got time, bitch I’m Pink Floyd, yuh
Sapphire’s gelatin, niggas is repetitive
Amex ’cause my pockets is what I can’t fit my cheddar in
Sleeping on me sedative
Who these niggas better than?
Is the answer me? Hmm uh no, negative

[Trouble (Tyler, The Creator):]
Ounces in my mothafuckin’ pantry (eah)
Diamonds on a young nigga, dancin’, yeah
Just dropped some bandos on some glasses, yeah (Golf boys in this shit)
Just dropped your bitch off, man, that hoe so nasty (Shout out to Trouble)
Huh, all about that paper, can’t miss a beat, yeah (Shout out to Mike WiLL)
I’ma get some Cho-Cho, one thing ’bout me, yeah
Gossip all that hoe shit, miss me with that
I could put you front line, just bring it back