Bleu Vandross Speaks Lyrics – Yung Bleu

Yeah yeah yeah, I told these niggas last year I was comin’. Told these niggas I was coming nigga
Investments 4, Investments 5. Now Bleu Vandross nigga
Niggas didn’t know I was gon’ come back and do a whole motherfuckin’ R&B tape nigga
Five songs nigga, straight R&B. Shit that they gon’ feel nigga, they don’t call me Bleu Vandross for nothin’
Ain’t nan’ nigga talkin’ ’bout I sing too much
Nigga, I ain’t even got, ay guess what? Nigga my shows be full of females, nigga
That’s just how I like it nigga, that’s just how I like it nigga
Bleu Vandross nigga. Let’s get it!