Birthday Lyrics – Kim Wilde

Monday begins,
Before you know it Friday’s ending,
Your feeling that your life is passing you by, wo oh…
What is there for you,
aside from all the things that haunt you?
You’re feeling that you’re running out of time… your time.

So dance like it’s your Birthday,
You gotta dance and we will follow,
It’s your night take the spotlight,
Scream like the world is yours.
You gotta jump like it’s your Birthday,
You gotta shout like there’s no tomorrow,
This is now,
Gotta show ’em how to party the night is yours,
It’s your Birthday now wow wow wow…

So let the celebrations begin,
Feel the liberation within,
It’s your time to shine…
‘Cos if you let the rhythm take you,
To the place they’ll never break you,
You’ll learn to love the life living in the fast lane,
Once again.

Use this time to figure out,
What this life’s all about,
Make tonight a night to remember…
It’s your Birthday now…

Oooh yeah the night is yours…
It’s your Birthday!