Quittin Time (intro) Lyrics – Big Smo

Howdy and what you having?
How you doing there sweetie? Let me get a Jack Daniels with a bud light on the side
Ooh boy, what day!
You have a rough one old pal?
Hell, everyday is out here working my ass for a dollar and bringing home a damn nickel
At least you can bring home a nickel, I ain’t bring home nothing
Hell I don’t mind the work, that old factory’s been good to me and the family
My bills is paid and food in the fridge
I guess I’m just looking for something more out of life, that’s all
But I got big plans for the future, let me tell ya
No kidding? That’s cool man
That’s right, but enough talk about my future
I came to do two things tonight, get loose… and get drunk
That’s two of my favorite things buddy, I’ll drink to that
To the working man!