What Any Boy’d Do Lyrics – Buddy Brown

I tripped on the rug in your living room sneaking out of your house last night
The dog started barking and your daddy ’bout shot me when he turned on the kitchen lights
He’s said, “Tell me I’m dreaming ’cause I got half a mind to aim and shoot you dead
What were you doing over here so late? Oh, you better come clean young man”

I said I was just doing what any boy’d do if he had a chance like that
He’d take her the long way home, come on too strong, when he finally got up to that
The doors were all locked when I brought her back home so we snuck back in right there
Did a little kissing with the radio on but that’s where it stopped, I swear
And I sure didn’t expect him to understand
And he sure as hell didn’t ’cause he chased me off of his land

The very next week all over again, she didn’t want me to take her home
Was about to turn back onto her street when she looked at me and said, “Don’t”
So we parked a mile away and the wind was fogged up, and the clock just sped on by
Next thing I remember is my door swung open and I knew I was gonna die

Her daddy said I’m just doing what any boy’d do if he had a chance like that
You took her the long way home, came on too strong, when you finally got up to that
I told you have the girl home at a decent time and you know just what I meant
11:30, maybe midnight, but hell it’s half past 2 a.m.
And I sure didn’t expect you to understand
But one more time and you’ll never see Rachel again

A few months went by and we stayed outta trouble since the last time we snuck out
But tonight I’ve got me a little wild hair and I’m driving out to your house
I got some candlelight on my back porch, a little romance free of charge
We can take my Jon boat way out on the lake or just lay up out in the barn
Come 6 a.m. girl I better get you out of sight
And if I’m gonna pay for this I better do it right

Yeah I’m just doing what any boy’d do
Oh, I’m just pulling what any boy’d try to pull
I can’t help myself, I just ain’t right, crazy as hell, wild look in my eye
Don’t trust me for a minute ’cause when you turn around we’re gone