Untouchable (freestyle) Lyrics – Lloyd Banks

Far from the typical won’t produce the regular rap fan
Head trauma the drama big dawg gon’ need a cat scan
Tuesdays are full of new albums to feed my trash can
Jingle killer push you out your spot, fuck up your stack
Ain’t a motherfucker breathing equipped, sick verse fatality
I don’t even know who’s killing this shit, split personalities
Mercy on the jersey that built the nerve up to battle me
The smell of burnt rubber and fear on your road to agony
Sleeping’s a guarantee, never been safe to stay in there
Running your crib with hammers up, lay you down like baby hair
Got my Magnificent posture from a Mercedes chair
Latest gear, rude awakening being couragous here
Niggas shooting at the kid, watch ’em miss on a day to day
Shit I’m fly as ever, need my statue at JFK
Darts been going over heads still, slow down my play by play
Sitting on ammunition really just a grenade away
Searching 5 star spots breaking my top rhyming
You still off the table get eyes black as your sock bottom
Only helping me out throwin stones, I’m rock climbing
Killing underground Power 105 and then I Hot9 ’em
Don’t know what the fuck you put in that pendant, its not diamonds
Fraudulent fucking up the game visualizing you drop dying
Somewhere long away they switch the agenda, who gave the junkies power?
Paper cuts from counting this money, don’t trust a money counter
Gotta be the drugs, your favourite celebrity cutting powder
Popularity is a skeezer, never gave a fuck about her
The God’s been hunting you trying to serve your subpoena
Still can punch ya and I rhyme like Floyd Mayweather Sr
Being famous ain’t gon’ legend you
Ignore the fame they feed you
Weirdo niggas took the game again, I overcame the season
Ran my pen out on the regular, the normal train procedure
Cross the finish line my muh’fucking self in the game of features
From the slum to the Bahamas, they’ll have to filet mignon us
Went from running with the kings to a king like Isaiah Thomas
Really how you throw it down, we all go to the same designer
Ain’t no shoes on her anyway, tell ’em cocaine align us
I’m as great as the niggas you pedestal and your flows tangled
Lay you out on a winters cold, grown man make a snow angel
Even sparkles too, don’t let the glitter and gold change you
Profit on my best shot, superstar on my worst angle