Pink Balloons Lyrics – John Butler

Black cross, blue sky, I wanna stare into your eyes
Pierce through to break the ice
Beneath a shade of oak trees, fox tails and honeybees
Your body is a pillow for me

While you’re farther up the road than me and wiser still
I’m higher up, you’re flying low
This thought for you, I try to show
But I don’t know if you will let it go

Ooh, ooh

9 am you pick me up, I got a car but the mother’s up
Being mean because I am
So many things that stay inside and lurk inside
This heart of mine
You walk by, I get butterflies

And we haven’t quite made it but I’m sure we’ll be there soon
Kissing under a full moon with party hats and pink balloons

Ooh, ooh

She colored my world black, nothing to do to take it back
You’re there when I’m half cracked