Ode To Greed Lyrics – John Butler

I sympathize with myself
For all the things I’ve done
Hoping that the next time
It won’t kill me
And the sky full of clouds
I’m a raindrop
Pacing ever towards the ground

Ever bound for total disaster
My dreams are not my own
My fears of getting caught are
Overridden by my mind
If every star was looking at us
Thinking over stars
I’m a black hole
With a never ending hunger for myself

And nothing that the world can give
Can satisfy the mind of a child
I can never be filmed
Everything like the breath in my lungs
One day be no more, no more
No more, no more

And of course there’s not much to do
When you’re dying inside with a heart that wants more
And there’s not much to do
When your feelings can’t stand and you’re crying alone
In the dark