Down With The Xidax Lyrics – Jt Machinima

For too long have PC gamers hidden in the shadows
Locked away in our pits of solitude
Though few in numbers, we are growing
And we cannot be stopped

Go back to the basement, you dungeon troll
I’m sitting on my high horse, rocking out on console
Why get a PC that’ll cost me double
I’m chilling on my couch, you’re getting carpel tunnel
All I need’s a controller for pwning noobs
You’re at your keyboard probably googling boobs
Don’t get a virus, why? Cuz you’ll be useless
Don’t console yourself with excuses
You filthy casual, that was laughable
PC, matter of fact, is practical
More games to satiate my addiction
And I save money cuz I don’t pay for subscriptions
This ain’t just for fun, I get stuff done
With any project I want, so get one, son, ugh!
This is how it’s meant to done
Uncapped frame rate, 4k and beyond

Forget resolution and FPS
Whoa, step back if you can’t respect the specs
How’s life in the slow lane? ain’t so swell
I’ll turn up my sensitivity – that won’t help
My playerbase is a lot more competitive
Ever heard of the curve? I’m staying ahead of it
You know you’re missing on LoL and WoW
Why wait for PUBG? You can play right now
Microsoft and Sony are on borrowed time
There’s a reason why your console friends are all offline
Even if you got a beefy GPU
I really hope it holds up, because I got two
This kinda masterpiece ain’t mass-produces
Consoles lack the skill, don’t have the juice
Now that you’ve been schooled, and you have the facts
You can roll PC, and you’ll never look back

Get up, come on, get down with the Xidax
Get up, come on, get down with the Xidax
Get up, come on, get down with the Xidax
Turn the console off and get yourself a PC
Get up, come on, get down with the Xidax
Shut off the console and get down with the Xidax
Throw out your controller, get down with the Xidax
PC is the gift that has been given to me