Dark Rider Lyrics – Lovedrug

She plunged her hands into the ground
And gave us something
She pulled down water from the sky
To cool us down
And clear our eyes

Dark rider, drink my blood
Fill my ocean with your love
Dark rider, carry my soul
Tear my heart out
Return it all to gold

Dark rider there’s so much to be sold
And turned to nothing
I recommend you crack the sky
And let us drown
To clear our eyes

Don’t turn to gold
Don’t turn to gold, no
Don’t drink the blood
Don’t drink the blood for anyone

Down from the sky
Down from the sky, no
Don’t clear your eyes
Don’t clear your eyes for anyone

Don’t let it drown
Don’t let it drown, no
Don’t plunge your hands
Into the ground for anyone

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t close your eyes, no
Here comes the ride
Here comes the ride for anyone