Stomp Out Their Hope Lyrics – Jt Machinima

I’m a Dark Lord who’s got no competition
I’m not what you’d call a politician
‘Cause I didn’t run for my position
I took it with the force
“It’s strong with this one”
So don’t be shocked when you’re my next victim
Any rebels left? I’ll order 66 ’em (Do it)
Like moisture farmers with good income
You’ll no longer be in existence
Your hatred is only gonna make you stronger
Want a plot twist? I am you father
Now do my bidding, bantha fodder
All I wanna hear from you is, “Roger, roger”
Listen, if your name is Luke, can I ask for a hand?
Tell me, where is the rest of your pitiful little band?
Cut me in half, I’ll come back from the dead
Then at long last the Sith will have their revenge
There’s at war in the stars tonight
And the dark side has come to shut off the light
Wanna make a deal? Strike the bargain right
Otherwise, sweet dreams in that carbonite
Uh-oh, Solo’s triggered! Sorry, Han
Careful where you put your next target on
Don’t make me drop a grand Moff Tarkin bomb
With my fire rhymes, watch out Alderaan

We’ll send them running
If they got nothing to fight for
Stomp out their hope
The dark side is coming
We’ll give you something to die for
Stomp out their hope

Buckle up, hit the jets hard
That’s not a suggestions, it’s a threat, Darth
Even if I give you a Parsec head start
You’ll get as far as the second Death Star
This ain’t a pod race, but you wanna bet?
The dice might be rigged, have you rolled them yet?
Mess with the rebels and you’re in overhead
I’ll be the Sarlacc to your Boba Fett
I’m like Yoda, with oversized robes and yet
I took down an empire, never broke a sweat
I’ll destroy your war machines and battledroids
I’m the reason Palpatine has hemorrhoids
Yeah, I’m a little short fro a stormtrooper
I only stand out ’cause I’m not a poor shooter
Check mate, Vader you can say goodnight now
Kenobi status, got the high ground (Hello, there)
You’re scheming like a hologram
‘Cause I’m seeing right through all your plans
Meanwhile, I’ll raise the bar like a Skywalker
‘Cause I hate losing more than Chewbacca
From Kashyyyk to Tatooine
Kamino’s seas, Endor’s forests, Jakku’s heat
I bring swag like a fashionable Naboo Queen
Trapped between red and green blaster beams
It’s a tragedy, that I had to trash your fleet
‘Cause now we have to clean up that debris
This galaxy ain’t safe for traitors
Now let’s see the color of your lightsaber

We’re fed up with running
If we got something to fight for
We still got hope
We know that you’re coming
But we’ve got something to die for
We still got hope