Kings Of Bellevue Estates Lyrics – Rhett & Link

Now this is a tale that will explain
How our lives completely and suddenly changed
Just take a seat and don’t disembark
We’ll tell you how we became the kings of a trailer park

We were born and reared in the Hampton
We spent a lotta time golfin’ and glampin’
We’d have thought that our dad was a man of means
But it turns out he was runnin’ a ponzi scheme

We got 15 years in the pen
And our mom became fond of Flauna plants
She said the both of us were just too much to handle
So you’re gonna live in Mississippi with your uncle Randle

We requested Uber X on our phones
And it pulled up in a cloud of Jeep Cologne
We asked if we could Uber to Mr Sipp
He said as long as 5 stars is the rating you give me

We arrived at the park about 10 o’clock
Uncle Randle came out with his shot gun cocked
But when he saw it was us he gave us country fried steak
And we began our rein as Kings of Bellevue Estates