Fair Trade Lyrics – Tiny Moving Parts

I see these icicles, they’re melting around me.
An indication to hydrate my body.
Drink the poison. It’s only a matter of time before we attend each other’s funerals.

I suppose the future is sick.
We are mannequins dressed with perfection in the eyes of little kids.
The poor children, they don’t see what’s coming (they don’t see what’s coming).

And I want you to know,
Sometimes I feel like a ghost,
The one who stays quiet and floats
Around with some knowledge that no one else knows.

I feel like a ghost!
And I want you to know

It only takes a moment
To make you understand
Where exactly I am!

A fraction of a second
A fraction of a second
Listen. Listen!
Listen. Listen!

The image inside my head went according to plan,
I feel weak in the knees believing this actually happens.
Silence drowns in confusion.
Just let it go. Let it go!

It was a handshake to fulfill a fair trade
It was a handshake (Handshake!)
Now please, take me away. Dismantle my brain.

Dear mom and dad, I’m not afraid!
Can you tell this by looking at your son’s face?!
If I die in my sleep tonight,
Well at least my bed is already made!
Truly satisfied, it’s a surprise!
I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!
I love myself more than I ever have! (I love myself!)
And I have learned to love you too!
I have learned to love you too!
I have learned to love you too!
I have learned to love you!