All You Are Lyrics – John Butler

The only thing going through my mind right now is you
Don’t know a thing about what I should do
Thinking about all those times
Cause you know every edge of life has its bad side
And it always takes a lot to set my heart alight
But all you are, is all I need

Laying in my bed by the window
I’m trying so hard to write a song but got nothing to go on
Maybe it’s easier just to stop and just let it go
But so many things could happen that I don’t know
But all you are, is all I need

Wishing you could somehow be back here again
Maybe it’s just me trying to be like all the rest of them
And there’s a reason why time must carry on
And one day all of us will be long gone
But all you are, is all I need

This old picture frame that you gave to me
Reminds me of the times that used to be
And every day, I call your name
And all the CDs that I always used to listen to
Remind me of all the troubles that I got into
But all you are, is all I need
Still you are, the one I need