New Lyrics – Lud Foe

Man these niggas got me fucked up
Boy you better get yo bucks up
You ain’t eating boy you fucked up
We dont carry nun-chucks, lay this man, make these bitches lust us
You say you with it but you uncut
30’s on the trap wheels big like a school bus
Give my hitman 10 grand he’ll shoot sum
Bag on yo head you get did by a broke nigga
Go to war with anybody we ain’t scared of no nigga
Homicides, we do drive-bys off the 4 wheelers
Hit the block, double back, finna shoot some more niggas
I dont like to talk about this shit so I show niggas
They dont look familiar, I dont even know niggas
We run up in that nigga house, kick a door, get the door
Snuck in the club with my snubnose .44
If you dont add no water to yo money plant it won’t grow
Fuck his hoe, but if you ex his name bet I won’t know
I just bought a new Glock with the laser
And I keep that bitch on my hip like a pager
New bitch with some big lips like Fantasia
When we catch you lacking won’t be no-one there to save you
Holes in ya like a donut, bullets glaze ya
She ain’t never seen so much money I amazed her
Black nigga, fucking white hoes like a flavor
Got so many acres, that I dont got no neighbors
Balling so damn hard like I played for the Lakers
You not on yo feet, pump fake for the fakers
Bitch im from Chiraq where its killers and rapers
Line his ass up, leave a nigga with a taper
Drinking hendo, tell
She can run for president I still won’t chase her
I’m still in the trap at the table with my razor
I can’t take no shorts and you can’t get no favor
Ice around my neck, gold cubans cost 2 sum
Run off with a nigga bitch then I have a 2 sum
Kick a nigga door down come back, boom sum
Trap still open catch a junkie wanna toot sum

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