Introduce Yerself Lyrics – Gord Downie

You’ve helped me out of so many scrapes
You helped me wait and wait and wait
You helped me when I had to pretend
You helped me walk through thickets again and again

Once you got into the car with me and
We were both sitting in the backseat and
The driver he was so friendly he had driven me so many times he
I couldn’t remember his name
And I probably should’ve remembered him
So I wrote something on my hand for you to see to help me, help me

Then I poked you and I showed you my hand
I’d drawn an arrow and underneath it said
Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself

Went down the Danforth on Christmas Eve
‘Cause there is something that I just believe
And I bulleted it permanently
I thought of it so many times that maybe
I walked up to the front door of the
Black Pearl Tattoo Parlour
And I, to put this on my hand forever
For you to see how you have helped me

So when I see you I’ll show you my hand
You’ll always see the arrow and underneath it sayin’
Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself
Thank you for your help