Do For Love Lyrics – Yelawolf

Daddy is up five AM again it’s a repeated scene, he’s been at since ten
Nine the five hours don’t pay enough money
He took a persephone is just gettin’ in
Baby’s are hungry and mommy is bitching
About bills that he need to go pay while he sitting
Not even five minutes to drink a cold beer before hearing about what was left in the kitchen
Walk at the door before walk to the store, grab his 5 dollars he only had for
Won’t get a check to the first of next week and the sentiments of self I can’t take anymore
With no heat in the house and no gas in the truck, and his four years old birthday about to come up
Its gun, mess, duck tape, close now

What would you do for love…

She’s a single mother living in a hotel in the South Side of the city
And she works at a bar and she strips to get tips
Saving up for a place that is pretty
A tribute at a son to support, still in school with a father that’s never around
Took her virginity, promised infinity
And he took off and he hasn’t been found
Most of the people she already knows
Have troublesome vibe and they keeping them home
That side of town isn’t the place to raise a child
But she’s doing her best when there’s no where to go
Puts on a skirt, picks up her purse
He knows just what she does
Cause momma can’t work at the bar overnight
So his momma is hustling and selling drugs

What would you do for love…

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