Darth Vader Lyrics – 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin

If young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you

Yeah, the game I finessed it, yeah (ooh)
I count up the blessings (count up the blessings)
The diamonds is precious
Ain’t having no pressure (no)
I bought the plain Philipe, they said I was being too extra (plain)
I brought the gang with me, he killed 10 with the suppressor
(the gang)
Recording all night, she sleep
Bitch wake up, this dick is for breakfast (wake-up)
Oh you tryna vibe with me? You gotta be there? (hey)
Got camera surveillance, cause all of us made it
The mansion is gated (mansion is gated)
We coke all the yetis from north of patella?
I’m black like Darth Vader (yeah)
Big Ben take it to the hole on ’em
Ain’t no room for a hater (no lames)
Private jet with the whole thing
When I get home, it’ll wait (whole gang)
And when I pick up my phone (brrrr)
Know a nigga about to get wit’ her (brrrr)
Want a bet up (who)
Got hoes in the north on the syrup (syrup)
Look at my ?
Sparkles in the watch like X (x)
Cans on my neck have sex (woo)
Fifty seven nineties on deck (seven ninety)
Runnin’ from demons, angels in my dream when I’m leanin’ (angels)
Tec-9 wit’ the beam (brp brp)
Don’t nobody move before the shit start ringing (pow)
Hold your horses, I’m a go cop me a roll of forges (wait)