The Doomed Order Revisited Lyrics – Jt Machinima

[Chorus – Andrea Storm Kaden:]
These are the moments
That will go down in history
Evil’s among us
And it will live on infamy
If you know why I’ve come
Then you’ll know when to run

Blood all over your swastikas
I love fuckin’ all you Nazis up
Knockin’ nails in your coffin, cuz
I put a stop to your Holocaust
Slaughtering your robotic dogs
Oops, bet that one cost a lot
Robbin’ all the gold you got
And leavin’ your guts on all the walls
I’m a fuckin’ monster (RAH)
Good luck tryna lock me up
You can pray all you want
I’m here, but your god is not
Pain hasn’t really taught me much
And Deathshead, you’re one ugly doc
Who likes to talk an awful lot
So shut your mouth or suck my co-
If you’re prepared to die
Then simply raise your hands
I’m calling out brought-up-on-propaganda Aryans
Cuz when I’m through with you
You’re gonna barely stand
Ain’t tryna bring you justice
I’m out to get revenge


I’m damn one-man army
Don’t got a problem fightin’ mechs
This ain’t a Titanfall
It’s just a titan-wreck
A couple double barrel shotgun shots
Oughta keep you from fightin’ back
I’ll rip off your swastikas
And fuckin’ wipe my ass


Those hulking superhumans
Won’t even keep you safe
You’ll probably eat your Luger
Before you see my face
Master race, my ass
You and me, we bleed the same
I’m sending you to Hell
It’s time to say ‘auf wiedersehen’!

These are the moments
(In history)