Mad Over You Lyrics – Nasty C

Come move your waist to the bass drop on me
Metro touch with the swag you as good as the music
Say fine little mama, you’re embraced in the moment
‘Cause that back and your waist make man feel stupid

I won’t lie
And tell you that I won’t ride
‘Cause I could make you fall in love with me
That’s if I get it done right (alright)

Come move your waist to the bass, to the movement
I’m not done stalking you, it’s a shame you’re moving
I said have some way I could reach you
I keep your home number if you need to self…
I still love you enough to free you
I still need you

I still need you bad, and you know I do
I’m mad over you
I still need you bad, cause you know I do
I’m mad over you
I still need you bad

I need to learn to keep the tunnel through my ears clear
‘Cause that’s where the lies go
‘Cause you got the answer to every question I ask and you make me feel psycho
Now when it comes to you, the only thing I never answer is a call from a side folk
Now you should be a billionaire with all the damn dreams that your eyes sold
That your hips don’t have cause your hips don’t scam
It’s like they’re under an oath but I’m in love with them both
I’m in love with your smile
But I can tell when you’re hiding something behind it, I know
I can yell at you now but look in your eyes and I’ll choke
I can tell when your eyes are lying but I let it go
‘Cause all it takes is a drop before man, too damned is my soul
I thought your in a deep end but there’s no deceiving
I’ll prolly provide you some rope
I look at your eyes just to buy me some hope
I build up all this courage to confront you and feel like I’m tryna slide up a slope
And you know how deturned is my soul
You just have to blink a couple times and they soak
Your eyes and your lies are like fire of smoke