If You Had A Zune I Hate You Lyrics – Bones

[Spooky Black:]
Memories of you, they start to fade
Only see your shade when I’m in the rain
I want to be your voice, baby, once again
Want to see your face before the end
Always in the back of my mind
If you were here I’d still be alive
When will you realize
Just another teen suicide
Close my eyes, I’m going cold
Die young, never growing old
I’m losin’ my fuckin’ hope
All these blunts and they’re gettin’ rolled

I’m waitin’ by the water
I’m floatin’ on my back
I’m hopin’ that you’re ok
All I need to know is that
You’re ok when I’m miles away from you
All I dream about is seeing the face of you

The rain hits the window
And it falls like knife
Lying in my sheets
With you, with knife

Hey, I know we’re all iPod friendly and stuff
But do you guys have a plug for my Zune?