Still Not Over You (getting Over Me) Lyrics – Michael Mcdonald

No flowers where there used to be
Just on the table there
Just like you they’re gone
And now the table’s bare

Everywhere I turn
I see
Memories of a love so strong
This lonely room just echoes
Telling me you’re gone

It’s not over yet
Each night in my dreams
You’re back in my arms
Still here in my arms
Like you used to be
But each morning I awake
And I face reality
I’m still not over you
Getting over me

A foolish heart, like mine
Will always take for granted
That precious love like yours
Will wait till I come back

But too many times
I turned away
Leaving you to cry alone
But with every tear I’m learning
All the ways that I was wrong

I’m still not over you
And I’ll never be
I’m still not over you
Getting over me