putt Platter Lyrics – Mf Doom

I tripped a lot out here in the woods lately

This is a platter of, this makes an, an exceptionally good late night’s snack and also a dandy fly swatter
Ah, my eyes are going, I can’t hit it

Nothing comes between me and my masters

(What is it father?)
These footprints were by, by the flying monkey men
(But they’ve been restrained in the Valley since we made the pig feet)
Yes, that is what disturbs me

He’d probably get indigestion
You will go
(I don’t think so
Take them)

This jungle is dangerous Trapper
You will need assistance
(I know what I’m doing)

You risked your life for us, thanks

I lost an arm
Stop it father
(Stand back
Return to the house)

What the?
Now Trapper, perhaps you will listen