Lonely Soul /// The Law (prelude) Lyrics – Ab-soul

[Ab-Soul, SZA & Thundercat:]
I said leave me lone, leave me lone…
Leave me lone, leave me lone, leave me lone…

I’m conflicted to my amazement, I’m just amazed
Slim, silver spoon in my mouth
Spoiled little Carson kid with chandelier up in my shed
Future’s looking dim and Ab-Soul wear shades
Cause Punch told me to punch him in the face
Make a statement we enslaved the salvation with my waking words
I kept the Soul in the alphabet, the alpha-male in my era, I’m here to baffle them like the Baphomet
They ain’t know what the cover of my second album meant
I mean the booth if I’m asking you where the bathroom at.
Before the whole wide world eye balled Top Dawg
They wouldn’t even give this cat a rack to perform
Sure Lori was more than empathetic but the seven hundred I got took her to Lori’s instead of iHop
My high-school sweetheart turned my ticker so bitter
Still staying strong for Ray, CJ, and all our little sisters
Vaneesha just had Jameel, that’s my third nephew Cory’s adorable and Cody still missed you
All my thoughts are lavender and pastel green, if you was Newey you would know what I mean (weed)
Hundred proof Absolut in the back of your Acura
Donny Hathaway on repeat
My mentor asked me what happens after Control System
Well hate to tell him the system control’s me…Please

[Ab-Soul & SZA:]
Leave me lone, leave me lone…
I said leave me lone…

Spit crack, they don’t want, they can’t take it
Long lost members sergeant pepper’s lonely heart club band Getting high with a little bit of help from my friends
The rifles to my rivals all my homies got a homie that bodied one of my homies, yo that cycle is psycho
A coward killed my brother Georgiano and his momma and I’m complaining bout a album
What is my problem?

Guess I’m a really pervis in the face
He survived by the God’s grace
Ironically hearing my uncle share the same birthday
Is it fate or is it faith?
I just might be in your hood still
Lonely soul itching for a love that I’ve once known but I’ve outgrown it
I told Famous be patient, I’m in the hills
While this world is caving in and I’m living a vacation
Or so it seems, to the wig it’s all in
What does it take to find a coffin to make these niggas crawl in?
I tried to stall him but I ain’t have no alternative
I told him to think smart, he told me get it how I live
Point taken, lord
Why have we forsaken us?
Blasting that Satan for salvation, feels Pagan
Graced in the Land of Canaan
But my new world translation speaks of a different arrangement
When Death meets death eternal breath fills my lungs
Death forever paid in the name of God’s son
Currently wasting away in this wicked system
Scared to pray for forgiveness cause I ain’t sure if I repent it
Oh what an existence
In fact is this really living?
Drowning in my own expenses while tryna make Soul listen to my infinite wisdom

[Ab-Soul, SZA & Thundercat:]
I said leave me lone…
Leave me lone, leave me lone…