Swag City Bitch (rack City Freestyle) Lyrics – King Los

Swag City Bitch
I said it’s Swag Swag City Bitch
And I’m back, back, yeah
Check it, uh, look
Nigga slide to the side, let a flyer guy in
As I light that ass up like a firefly then
Put hot shit out like I’m fire fightin
At my funeral you couldn’t been as live as I am
And I promise I am,
My swag ain’t even from this mother fuckin planet
I’m surprised that I am
Niggas wanna battle me, but not like serious
Cause I’m the best dot, but dot like period
Used to fuckin bitches that’s magazine cover gorgeous
My matress covered with models, my boxers covered in horses
My rollie covered in diamonds, mother fucker it’s gorgeous
In the winters push the hummers again and cover them porsches ah,
I got it covered, you couldn’t cover a portion
I’m killing you son I hope my insurance cover abortion
Cause I’m on that bullshit,
There ain’t a sicker brother that rap
I’m dope as stuffin your nose with that shit that come in that pack
They sick if I’m on a track, they better show me respect
Cause I had it up to my neck like a nigga covered in tats
Don’t mix me up with this rap, they subtract my energy
Try to do me but they lack identity
Black eye spendin cheese,
Just to throw ice on a face like a nigga with a black eye finna’ be
I black out, you niggas back out timidly
I pass out ass whoopins you pass out physically
Stick with me,
Niggas out they lame ass mind
Every bitch you see me with, you playing name that dime
Make em knock the walls down between the Louis and the Gucci store
So I could shop at both at the same damn time
You a train, I’m a plane, you playin you need to train
You need to watch too, your watch too plain you need a chain
Your fox too lame, she just wanna ride shotgun
Ironically she give a lot of brain and ain’t got one
Stop son, sun won’t let another one block em
By summer’s come, I’m the number one option
Yup, here come another one
Niggas better group up, mob up, gwap up, yeah niggas troop up
Get your little jewelery together, shine your coupes up
Pop your pills hit all your kush, pour your juice up
Cause when I put this war paint on and lace these boots up
All that fly shit, don’t fly, just throw the deuce up
Ah, I just want that lambi and I’m cool cuh
Thinking bout that Grammy, got me Sammy Sosa juiced up
If she got her fanny little mammy gettin scooped up
I fucked her in Miami, left her panties in my new truck
Ask about me, I just smashed the beat
Looking like cash my bitch looking like fashion week
Plus that’s what it look like, looking in my closet
You going through withdrawal bitch I look like a deposit
Sturrin out them Bentley windows looking at the projects
Take a step back bitch, you looking at the process
Some don’t see the picture some just only see the object
So my objective is for you to see my progress
I guess with this momentum that I’m gaining
You can feel it in the air, I’m a billionaire in training
I said with this momentum that I’m gaining
You can feel it in the air, this is billionaire in training
Swag City Bitch, Swag Swag City Bitch
It’s Bad Boy, yeah I’m back back with Diddy bitch
Swag City Bitch, Swag Swag City Bitch
I’m King Los Swagga Boy and you know this shit bowww!