Make You Proud (snippet) Lyrics – King Los

[Verse 1: Los]
Real shit nigga, real shit nigga, ugh, yo, ugh
While everybody complaining I’m thanking God for my life
Every step that I take, all my wrongs and my rights
Everything that I did, everything that I saw
I thank God for my todays and I’m praying for my tomorrow
So please don’t misunderstand my perspective on drugs
I followed my own direction, though my connection with thugs hasn’t passed up it’s zone
But now I’m passed and I’m grown, so I thank go for that passion that got me back in my zone
How I make it through the hatred, truthfully I’ll tell ya, I believe in my success more then you believe in my failure
Haters will try to tell ya give it up and stop your mischief, and I’m like nigga what I get a rush from opostition
When shit was getting tough I get it up with top positions, so opposite optimism ain’t enough to block my vision
Nigga it’s like the cool of the morning to the moon and beyond, I just use all of you as my fuel and I’m gone

[Chorus: Sean Hayz]
I’m the one that wasn’t supposed to make it
But I hope I make you proud
I’m the one that wasn’t supposed to make it
So I hope I make you smile
Ooooooh, hope I make you proud
Yes I hope I make you proud
Hope I make you smile
Yes I hope I make you smile
Hope I make you proud
Yes I hope I make you proud
Hope I make you smile
Yes I hope I make you smile

[Verse 2: DMX]

[?] family, loving
[?] he don’t understand me

[?] I came with a vision that too see through hate
But regard what I’m seeing
Most niggers don’t know what they need is to wait
Believe in the soul, believe in the process

[?] every time you didn’t get what you wanted

[Chorus: Sean Hayz]

[Verse 3: Los]
Sense everybody is happy I’m thanking God for the rain, the days is harder then the pain
These crazy thoughts in my brain, major losses they came, replacing all of the shame
To obey the laws of the game and to just take it all as a gain, staying off in my lane
Sense then been dodging the fame, the things causing a change but ain’t causing a change
So I’m praying for the ones that feel like nobody know em, never knew how to love cause ain’t nobody show em
They think it’s
[?] but reality is I’ll, it’s easy to be fake but it’s a challenge to be real
Everybody ain’t rich but everybody got a choice, nobody speak up but everybody got a voice
Guess we never see the day where everybody help, you will never see the day that I’m like everybody else
My niggas in the hood get at me g, just to think I needed rap now rap need me, that’s crazy

[Chorus: Sean Hayz]