Grammy Fam Freestyle Outro Lyrics – King Los

Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, yeah
I make legendary shit niggas
You feel me? It’s point two
It’s Los nigga. Check me

Nigga I’m so fly, I don’t need no fly help
They never broke my spirits, I coped, I dealt
Never moped, I prayed, I hoped, I’d melt
God Bless my family, my flow, my wealth
I’m sharper than a Muslim no bowtie, no lie
Only way I fold is if I told myself, don’t try
So no matter how low I felt
It was Los fly, Los I devoted myself
It was Los fly Los, I promoted myself
Those guys don’t fly, go by with both fives
So why I’m focused on my growth, my health
How, dare you niggas I, dare you niggas
I, pair you niggas up and tear two niggas up
So many reasons that I’m better for
But I guess that’s better said with a metaphor
I’m just a ghetto boy, groovin’ in a hard place
You ain’t got beef from Houston, to get a scarred face
Dangerous flow, every bar like a car chase
Most y’all niggas all mouth like a dog face
I’m what you call great, guess why lames is mad
Cause they ain’t shit, and I’m it, like a game of tag
Blame the swag and my super slick touch
Got bitches splittin’ my pole like they supersti-tious
My Louis kicks tough, my jewelry fixed up
And I’m twenty inches tall, he’s on a Coupe fit, plus
The roof lift up, then the top go back
And your girl go down, what you know ’bout that?
Los back, who you hatin’ now stupid?
Go and take a bow while I take a bowel movement
The block boys in the building tonight
Top feelin’, guap peelin’, drop ceilin’ tonight
Not to brag but my swag on a billion a night
And what’s ill is I might sell a mill off hype
Mama want me catch up, whenever she toss it
Cause she be on E, like celebrity gossip
I’m so on top but I could never be off it
Becoming the best if ever he lost it
And he is, whoever he be but
Close one eyelid nigga that’ll be me
Watch me, this is better tv
Beside your girlfriend, say she rather see me
But see me, I don’t see no bitch
Cause I don’t see no sleep for the C notes bitch
Real talk, you’ll never see Los switch
This is G code shit, even C’s know this
I ain’t right, I wasn’t on the right side of my thought
But I love you with the whole right side of my heart
You wasn’t right, he wasn’t on the right side of my art
You showed me how to go mean papi, get the thing split it up
Get it ready for the morning, hit the table fix it up
This is how you be the one, grind til you see the sun
This is how you spit it how you blend it on a three to one
Take it to the nigga get the figures bring the money back
Show me how to count the money by the way the money wrapped
That’s why I spend money racks, lot of these niggas soft
And if a nigga wanna kick it off, I’m a run it back
I just never rapped about the shit cause I ain’t wanna trap
You my brother, I could get fussed out
But you ain’t get me on so I could get us out
We use to take trips to LA, Prada and Fee
But when you left, I was left without a dollar to eat
So I devoured the beat, and I’m the man in it now
Fuck these pussy mother fuckers I ain’t standing around
I work hard as a bitch to be the man in my town
How I’m a go to a nigga show and stand in the crowd?
I belong on the stage, music belong in my life
This my joy to my pain, it’s like the wrong to my right
Like the longer I write, the more I hunger to fight
The sun shine in the morning, we gon be stronger tonight, right
The block boys in the building tonight
It’s G5.2, get something real in your life, nigga