Dark Fantasy Lyrics – King Los

Can we get much higher…
But of course we can baby hahaha
Ughh it’s Los… again

Okay I take my middle finger flick it to the wicked media
Critics on my dick clickin a niggas wikipedia
Flow more intricate than the period of pyramids
Wack rappers lack what the pythagorean theorem is
My mathematics will trip you have your shoes tangled
I think it’s funny you come at me from acute angle
I coulda grabbed all my weapons and took a T.I
But I ain’t gotta see you to kill you book of Eli
Nikka we fly the first time ya hook a glance
I hit it from the back and did the skully low brooklyn dance
The Rico from Paid in Full while everybody look and dance
Fuck them the kitchen did the lil b cookin dance
I took a chance with Puffy and lost 6 years
But how he gon fix my problems he can’t fix his
This year I ain’t prepared to take my next L
Last year I got X but this year I excel
Ah-hem, please pardon my pun
Each part of my jargons, like jog yo he startin to run
He talkin to pun, me, you see me sparkin my gun
I go retarded with these bars I’m a talk in my pun
This chick came back to me, bought me a daiquiri sat beside me said hi I’m daphnie,
Actually you attracted me after I heard you rappin there’s something jus happened magically
Automatically grabbin me sorta drastic dramatically
Staggering off the jet but accurately adapting
To dudes in black the hats in the jackets was thinking jackin me
But I’m packin ratchets for static that happens gradually
Told that bitch imagine me casually fallin casualty
Grab the gat and blasted the castle that hats and back of me
Killed the bitch at the bar then sat back jus and had my daiquiri
I think these rappers be scared to step an inch in my sector
Cause I school that ass like a Princeton professor
You approach your bars with hesitation
I appraoch mine with a Harvard’s education
Yea I dropped outta college and coulda went to jail
But I don’t like regular people I shoulda went to Yale
I’m jus venting hell, think I need a book deal
Can we get much higher? I feel how the hook feel
And I’m rollin in that Rolls Royce bumpin Seal
You know the one with the white bitch on the ugly grill
I ain’t talkin bout Seal I’m talkin bout the car
Had to clarify that cause niggas be talkin bout my bars
Your times up dawg I’m cleaning out the cell
I jump on songs and snap like I’m singing acapella

Can we get much higher…

So this it for your career
The way I’m bout to start this bidding war
You gon think I’m sellin missile to Korea
It’s official get it clear
This tre that I’m packin
Ain’t singing you a song when it hit you in the ear
So warn your whole village I’m comin to kill every king
Right now the score is dem nothing me everything
I feel like they gave me nothing and them everything
So I ain’t jus rappin and bluffin I mean everything
I’m bout to have ya’ll niggas mad at me
I wrote this blindfolded DARK TWISTED FANTASY

Can we get much higher
Can we get much higher
Can we get much higher