Bumpin My Music Lyrics – King Los

Welcome To Swaggsville baby
Welcome To Swaggsville nigga

Okay we know your a hater, you don’t still have to grill
Cause I peel back my top and my grill match my wheels
And my wheels match my watch, this how real swagger feel
You ain’t I’ll, stackin bills, talking about you movin’ bricks
And you still cappin’ pills, motherfucker get a grip
Cause we will grab the wheel, we some riders motherfucker
And Welcome To Swaggaville, ain’t a hotter motherfucker
Call my nigga Dre and tell him come and holla motherfucker
Yeah I got it motherfucker, check my technique out
You can get hit with this Tech, it ain’t that technique oww
And you wonder why these mothafuckas sweat me now
God told me I was fly and never let me down
In that candy apple Chevy, Laker court yellow guts
I’m special, I should ride a short yellow bus
You know the way I play
I chop the top off that motherfucker, faster than Carmelo and A.I braids
I’m a stay fly, paid cause I’m super extra groovy
And I keep a model bitch that scoop and chill in that jacuzzi
While I’m Bumpin’ My Music, I meant that literal
Bumpin’ My Music, these nigga’s pitiful
I’m critical, I better not hear a cricket or a cricket move
I spit this sickest shit, way too ridiculous to ridicule
Get a few sips of brew, slip into a chick or two
And jump off of my dick and maybe you can get some figures too
On on yeah, I’m clinically insane
I take this music and use it as my remedy for pain
If they want a lyrical war well then no enemies remain
It’ll be result of a Volkswagen when it meet a train
If you tender leave the game, we goin hard in the paint
Stop making being a little bitch your job if it ain’t
Cause when my squad in the tank
You gon be playing dead like Mr. Potato Head with all these arms in your face
Ewwww, ain’t nobody better than me and that’s realll
And that ain’t even me being cocky either nigga, that’s skilll
I met your bitch at Vicky’s Secret
And she said if I can keep a secret maybe we can chillll
I said, oh baby that’s the deal just make your Vicky’s match your heels
And bitch Welcome To Swaggaville
Haha, you already know what it is man, we goin in man
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
I said I’m Bumpin My Music